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Wpf listview selecteditem not updating

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I am reaching the end of my tether and need someone to step in and help.

If you would like to stay with the INotified property changed interface you should set up the code as in the following documentation: https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms184414(v=vs.110).

The selected Item property is being set correctly, since I can hit the breakpoint, and everything works has expected, just the View is not being updated with the selected item, after I clear the collection.

On Property Changed("My Items"); My Items[My Items. Has Information = true; // Note that "Selected Item" is persisted correctly, and always // points to the selected item that we want to update.

First List Box is aggregation of Mart Branches, Second List Box is aggregation of goods as fruit, meat, vegetable ans so on that a Mart sells. (apple, peach, peer, melon...) 4th List Box is aggregation of a kind of selected fruit, for example, if Apple is selected, cortland, crabapple, sansa, gala and so on. After fire Selection Changed, I catch Added Items of Selelction Changed Event Args. WPF automatically hooks up to the Collection Changed event of Observable Collection, but it does not know that you have changed the reference in the code behind.

In the same way, a sub-kind of selected item is displayed on 3'rd List Box and 4'th List Box. Regardless of Selection Mode (Single, Multiple, Extend), Selected Items of 3'rd List Box have all items I have selected. Is Virtualizing="False", Is Synchronized With Current Item="True", But I cannot find solution. Items Source of my List Box is Observable Collection as you see above.

I have a List View which has a Selected Item that works the first time I use it.

wpf listview selecteditem not updating-87

Just because you use an Observable Collection does not mean that when a property in a contained item changes that the List Box or other elements will get notified.I've done that 1298736 times before, but in this case it does not work. Here is the Button that opens the Popup on Click: ... As it does not seem like you are changing properties, but rather items and notifying the Items Source, a better route would be to implement an IObserver/IObservable interface.This is a little more simple and it keeps updating tidy and manageable inside of the models own class. I believe you will need to add an even to handle the selection changed to your code. PS: This is just a prototype so please concentrate on the Problem and not on the style of programming : P Thanks for your help UPDATE / Solution / Fixed ... I found the reason why the selection does not Change at all ...