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Officescan clients not updating

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You can use the Command Line Installer to exclude Telemetry Service as detailed at VDA upgrade cmdlet at Citrix Discussions.

Xen Desktop /quiet /noreboot /masterimage /Enable_HDX_PORTS /enable_framehawk_port /Enable_REAL_TIME_TRANSPORT /optimize /controllers "xdc01local xdc02local" /Exclude "Citrix Telemetry Service" Citrix Discussions Xenapp 7.9: Wait for local session manager: “I have a Xenapp 7.9 environment on Windows 2012 R2.

The server can notify online clients to update components after it downloads the latest components, and offline clients when they restart and then connect to the server.

Optionally initiate Scan Now (manual scan) on client computers after the update.

When ready to initiate component update, the Office Scan server sends update notifications to clients, which informs them to check the server for the latest components.

Clients with the privilege to perform scheduled update check the client update source for updates based on the schedule that you specify.

This will allow clients to fail over or load balance to another manager, and receive a new Management Sever List with the updated server certificate information.

When logging in through Citrix I got message “Wait for local session manager” for 20-30 seconds.

When logging in to the server with RDS, I do not have to wait for this.” “Add the following 2 registry keys to your 7.9 VDA server – then try connecting to it using ICA to see if the issue still occurs: Add reg keys in “HKLM\SOFTWARE\Citrix\Group Policy” Dword: “Cache Gpo Expire In Hours” – Value = 5-24 (# of Hours) ***start with value of 5*** Dword: “Gpo Cache Enabled” – Value = 1 Restart the machine after adding these registry keys and attempt an ICA connection (at least twice) to see if that helps the Login delay.” Some environments will not accept the default port 80 for Virtual Delivery Agent registration.

Symantec Endpoint Protection (SEP) clients store a cached copy of each of their manager's server certificates in the Management Server List (MSL).

Update your links or bookmarks to: Update the server certificate on the management server without breaking communications with the client The SEPM uses its server certificate to digitally sign the policy files, and installation packages that Symantec Endpoint Protection (SEP) clients download from it by default..