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Seldom seen box and only the second one I have ever offered. Black Powder, 2-pc box w/ later type top label dating to 1903-1906 but side-seal label dtd 3-19.(Giles & Shuey, pg 112, top right). This was the last box found in an original factory sleeve of 5 bxs. Great loading for an otherwise somewhat sluggish old round with Blk Pwdr origins. The Blk Pwdr box itself dates to the late-'Teens and is very solid w/ no seam problems. Plus, though the bottom seams have been pasted back, the box remains factory-SEALED! While not discernable in the pic, the headstamp on the cartridge picture shows only UMC.
It’s not the sole territory of the young either: so called “silver surfers” are getting stuck in too, with nearly two thirds of single over-55s now using them.

Cm error while updating java lang nullpointerexception

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I am using Windows 7-64bit and look like same error getting in Ubuntu also This issue also reported in Android Issues, but still not solution Event Dispatch Events(Event Dispatch Thread.java:146) at

Invocation Event.dispatch(Invocation Event.java:312) at Event Queue.dispatch Event Impl(Event Queue.java:738) at Event Dispatch Events For Filter(Event Dispatch Thread.java:161) at

Upgrade Manager Upgrade(Upgrade Manager Impl.java:540) at com.upgrade.

Upgrade Manager Upgrade If Needed(Upgrade Manager Impl.java:475) at com.upgrade.

Event Queue.run(Event Queue.java:697) at java.security. Event Dispatch One Event For Filters(Event Dispatch Thread.java:242) at

Event Dispatch Thread.run(Event Dispatch Thread.java:91) Caused by: Android Virtual Device.(Android Virtual Device.java:81) at com.android.welcome.When I am installing the CDH through Cloudera Manager GUI, I am facing error in the 3rd step where we specify hosts for our CDH cluster installation.In this step I have mentioned my machine IP address and when I click on "Search" button it is able to search my machine, then I click on "Continue". Install Components Path.create Component Tree(Install Components Path.java:89) at com.android.welcome.Install Components Path.init(Install Components Path.java:215) at com.android.wizard.If compiler was null it would just be a null pointer exception right there in main.