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We are the best value for money choice when it comes to Flash templates, Website templates, Flash intro templates, HTML templates and custom website design.Our flash templates are designed by award-winning experts using Macromedia Flash MX or above. Or at least, I've been dating for what feels like a really long time.Days I've been single since I called it quits with my ex (he might have a different story, but let's stick with my version for now): 567 days.While a small part of me (ok fine, a rather sizable part of me) relishes in the idea of calling out men for their dating faux pas — and in doing so, inadvertently calling my own too — that's not why I came up with So Here's The Thing. It's also a costly hobby for those of us who do the dance of who-foots-the-bill and come out on top. You know, the outfit and the makeup that go to waste when the flavour of the week doesn't call you back. Since I wasn't done with my cocktail when Steven showed up, we insisted that he sit down for a chat.Call it a dating column; call it a love song to all my single sisters and brothers out there. He and I fully intended to go off on our own after my last sip. And it wasn't because things took a turn for the weird.Consider one of the following restaurants in Grand Cayman for your special date night meal.Undercover Colors (@Undercover Color) solves the drugged drink problem.

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