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i na Prague Pride 2017 21/4 i Boys party - Liberec 24/6 i Boys party - Ter MAX Fun & Run 2017 - Vyběhni s fobiemi! Narozeninové kino - SINGLE MAN Čarodějnická i Boys párty - Praha i Boys párty - 10. Valentýnská i Boys párty - Brno i Boys párty - Club Latté Brno 26.9.
-- Police are investigating an alleged sexual assault at a summer camp for special needs children in Burlington on Monday. The 17-year-old is accused of having sexual contact with another camp participant in the locker room.

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It's been six months since we last spent quality time with the Zen Fone AR, and believe us: That extra time in development has been worth it.

According to ASUS' own tests, out of the 100-plus existing Tango AR apps, 40 to 50 of them now run stably on the Zen Fone AR.

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