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California mandating

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Late Wednesday, the California Senate approved legislation to set up a state retirement savings program called Secure Choice that would provide coverage to nearly 7 million small-business employees in the state who lack access to workplace plans. That puts California on track to become the largest state to set up a state savings program—but it's far from the first.

Washington has approved a program that is scheduled to launch Jan.

A law based on California’s Senate Bill 327 could significantly impact the entire Io T industry and not merely the largest players and products such as the Amazon Echo and Google Home, or connected cars and wearables.

For one thing, California is perhaps the largest commercial market for emerging technology and Io T products and a leading test bed for them, so any California state law governing the security of Io T products will likely be the starting point for security of Io T products sold throughout the U. (i.e., the designed security features for the home router sold in California will likely be the same for an identical make/model home router sold in Ohio whatever the differences that may exist under state law).

Although this type of legislation can also be seen in a few smaller cities in the state, this is the first proposal to expand solar necessity statewide.

With the passing of this bill, California would be the first state in the nation with laws requiring renewable energy installations.

It could be the first legislative mandate for Io T device manufacturers to proactively implement “security by design” (that is, at an early stage, and built into the product development process, rather than added reactively later as a “patch” or as an optional or voluntary industry best practice). If enacted as currently written, the bill would require a manufacturer that sells or offers a connected device “capable of connecting to the Internet, directly or indirectly, or to another connected device” to: The bill would also require retailers to provide a short, plainly-written notice of the device’s information collection functions at the point of sale.

Consequently, the requirements under this bill could have a significant R&D and budgetary impact on Io T device development, making what was once a manufacturer’s afterthought a key component at the design and production stages of any Io T device that is produced for sale to consumers in the U. That notice would need to include statements indicating whether “the device is capable of collecting audio, video, location, biometric, health, or other personal or sensitive consumer information” and where a consumer can find the privacy policy applicable to the device.

s Title 24 Energy Standards for buildings mandates all new residential homes and commercial buildings under 10 stories to have a “solar ready” roof.

These services are typically provided by school personnel, such as school nurses, but they may be provided by other staff depending on the level of service and related legal or credentialing requirements.

See this summary of selected California Education Code and California Health and Safety Code.

Studies show that more than half of workers—some 55 million nationwide—lack workplace retirement plans, especially those employed by small businesses and freelancers.

And when it comes to putting money away, an employer nudge really matters: 90% of those with workplace plans save for retirement vs. An obvious solution would be to establish a national auto-IRA plan that would allow these workers to save without an employer-sponsored program.