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Tijdens de Eerste Wereldoorlog kwam een abrupt einde aan de telecommunicatie in België.
It is possible to see the episodes out of sequence without feeling like you missed something.

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Not that it has held her back at all – she’s as chirpy as ever, and clearly keen to crack on with her schedule. “I’m here because there’s lots of opportunities career-wise. There are parts in the UK too, but they’re mostly period dramas, and that’s just not my immediate casting.” It was a film that brought her to LA in the first place – Oculus, a frightener from the producers of Paranormal Activity. And before long, she was on location in Mobile, Alabama, a place she has compared to Scotland because “it felt quite rural and they fry everything”.

As we talk, her phone goes off, then her Skype, and there are knocks at the door which a couple of publicists, who are listening in from the bathroom, pop out to answer. She was in her childhood home in Inverness, when her LA agents demanded that she submit an audition for the film within 24 hours. And when filming was over, she thought, “Why not stay?

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He was photographed kissing her farewell after they had spent a few days together at The Hamptons on Long Island, where they both have homes.

If anything the flame-haired Scottish actress has sped up since she moved to the West Coast 18 months ago.

She’s made several movies in several genres – a romantic comedy (The List), an action fantasy (Guardians of the Galaxy) and a paranormal horror that came out on Friday (Oculus).

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