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Our own Tina Upson sat down with Matt to talk about how he “fell into” this crazy vacation rental space, the class he’s teaching this year, and why he regards Partner Conference as the best in the industry.

Tina Upson: So, you were one of the favorites last year at Partner Conference.

But it’s like, you’re in the middle of a world tour doing soccer arenas that hold 60,000, to 100,000 people.

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He’s in Africa’ and they’re like, ‘Alright get on a plane.’ I ended up meeting Jay in Taipei, Taiwan and we didn’t really get to record until we got to Australia.Also present for this interview were KRS-One, Young Black Teenagers and famed engineer Sam Sever. I chill with my crew in an ‘86 Cadillac—it isn’t no new one. Just because I don’t rhyme with all the curses and what they call “Gangster Rap,” I don’t feel I have to talk about it because I been through a lot of it. A lot of rappers be tryin’ to act like the old school does not matter. Although additional information remains unknown at this time, the conversation took place shortly after Gang Starr’s January, 1991 release of their acclaimed sophomore album, . Adisa Banjoko: Why’d [Gang Starr] leave Wild Pitch Records? They had me kinda frustrated, as far as creativity. All that does not impress a real person who has been through it. In addition to his present writing at Hip Hop DX, Banjoko has written for dating back to 1990. When we had two videos out, the “Positivity” video and “[Words I] Manifest,” I was still working. In life and in death, Guru remains Gifted, Unlimited and his Rhymes Universal. I was working with foster kids through New York City. [DJ] Premier’s grandfather used to be in a Jazz band. I began to learn a little bit more about this idea of limited supply in relation to demand. The second bucket – the opposite end of the spectrum – is what we’re calling the limited edition.