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Why dating is important

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Don’t assume that similarities between your new guy and your ex will dictate heartache, or that significant differences will mean that you’ll never feel understood the way you once felt. Focus on getting to know someone new without comparing his/her menu choices to those of an old vegetarian crush’s. While it’s important to give your date a fair shot, it’s also important to ignore glaring signs of incompatibility, misaligned value systems or dangerous behaviors.

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Relationships and dating went from a love that burns to a lust that burns out. in the 50’s It was called “courting a girl” then it turned into dating now a days we call it "talking" which is ironic because this is the generation were we do less talking and more texting.A like on Instagram or a swipe right on Tinder is now more common then a compliment face to face.When did “I’ll pick you up at six.” walking to the front door so you could walk your date to the car Turn into arriving at pulled up by the end of the driveway with an “I’m here” text?Being together, away from familiar places, gives you time to learn about one another without the distractions of family, workmates and friends.Without these opportunities you won't be able to assess one another and discover your mutual likes and dislikes, including how you feel about your date and other friends.To be honest, most middle school and a lot of high school dating isn't real "dating" or very serious, but for adults, it's about looking for what you want in a person you could spend your life with.